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These resources have been custom designed to enhance your child's speech and language development. Feel free to save them, print them and refer to them as your little one grows.

  • Communication Milestones Guide

    Communication Milestones Guide

    Comprehensive guide for 0 months to 5 years

    This is a free communication guide that includes information on speech sounds, understanding language, literacy, hearing, play, and of course, talking from each stage of development from newborn to 5 years old. It also includes what to look out for at each stage.

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  • Communication Keepsake

    Communication Keepsake

    A fun resource to document, keep and cherish.

    From my heart to yours! I love writing down everything my children say as they grow. So I decided to make something for you too! This is your child's communication keepsake and it’s totally free. Write down your child's first sounds, first words, cute first stories and everything in between. There is information on what to look for before first words, what counts as a word and ways to encourage first words!

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